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Intimate Sunrise Wedding

Brendle & Tyler chose to not have the huge wedding they thought they were going to have. Instead it was just their immediate family and myself. We spent the morning in York by the beach and enjoyed some yummy donuts! 


Engagement in the Field

Chris & Abbey traveled over an hour to walk in beautiful fields, and see the ocean. There was laughter and sweet moments between them both. The lighting was perfect to capture these two in New Hampshire. 

Home Sweet Home

Mackenzie & Mark asked me to come to their home to capture their sweet family of four. Being a parent is a beautiful thing, and capturing that is such a gift. Their son was a joy to capture and was smiling the whole time, while his sister was just welcomed to the world. 


Riverside Wedding

The Armstrongs were all so kind and welcoming. I was able to spend time with the Groom and the Bride on the day of the wedding. My favorite part of this day was the cabin that the Bride got ready in. It was quant, on the lake and yellow! 

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